~ Department of Redundancy Dept. ~
These redundant discoveries are posted with the intent of sharing art, music, and personal observations.
Information and images by artists that interest me, that are freely found on the internet.
Should the content owner of any of these posts prefer not to be included in this gallery, contact me for their removal.
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Hello, my name is Michael.

In love with the Arts. Music, dance, photography, painting, and the emerging art of self-expression known as blogging. I enjoy sharing what gems I find in the world via the internet.
All too often, this occurs long after everyone else has already seen them. As a result, History Receipts Itself and Department of Redundancy Department are to me, fitting.

I compose instrumental music in the chill, ambient, and jazz genres that I prefer to present on other websites more suited to listening.  However, here are some of my tracks for those who are curious.
A complete collection may be found at ReverbNation or my Facebook page. 

Thank you very much for following (if you do;) 


Chime Inn

Mindless Encounter

Moon Beaming
  – A collaboration with Sibyll Sewarte

16th Century II
  – A collaboration with Elaine Frost

Noodle Groove